Federal Student Aid is available to students who, without such help, would be unable to
attend school. Students requesting financial aid must complete a needs analysis form
for each year aid is requested. Awards are based upon an evaluation of the student's
eligibility as determined by the needs analysis service and the availability of funds of the
various aid programs.
Who may apply: Students who are eligible to receive Title IV funds will be able to
receive assistance with their tuition. Students may be eligible if they meet the following

  •  Must illustrate financial need;
  •  Is enrolled as a regular student in one of an eligible institution’s eligible programs;
  •  Is a U.S. citizen, U.S. national or an eligible non-citizen;
  •  Must possess a valid and correct Social Security Number;
  •  Is not currently in default on any Federal student loans;
  •  Does not owe money for any repayment of any Title IV grants;
  •  Must have a high school diploma or its equivalency;
  •  Males must illustrate Selective Service registration;
  •  Must not have been convicted of a drug offense while in receipt of federal financial aid;
  •  Must maintain Satisfactory Progress while in the eligible program.

You need to enter the Headquarters Academy of Hair Design Title IV School Code
number on the application for the school to receive the results. This number is: 016232